Let us pick up your luggage from your accommodation
so you can be free to see more of our fascinating city on your last day.
Please ask us about our occasional pick-up service from Urayasu and Makuhari and 23 Tokyo wards
where you can pick up your luggage at Narita International Airport.




Less luggage is more freedom

Freedom…..that’s what we offer you


Make happy memories

You can enjoy sightseeing with no luggage. Include more landmarks in your last day’s itinerary.


Create space in your diary so you can catch up on the things you missed.

That’s why we offer a luggage pick-up and delivery service.


Now you do not have to be tired and frustrated by the time you arrive at the airport.

Don’t spend the day dragging your gear and a tired body around, and waiting at the airport. More shopping, more chatting, another spa, another productive meeting….. create more time for yourself.

Flow of service

  1. When you do not want to carry  big luggage…..

    STEP 1When you do not want to carry big luggage…..

  2. Make your reservations via the chat service on our web site.

    STEP 2Make your reservations via the chat service on our web site.

  3. Pick up your luggage from your accommodation

    STEP 3We pick up your luggage from your accommodation.

  4. Sightseeing with no luggage

    STEP 4Sightseeing with no luggage.

  5. Pick up your luggage at the airport

    STEP 5Pick up your luggage at the airport.

  6. Don’t let the burden of luggage slow you down

    STEP 6Don’t let the burden of luggage slow you down.


Use our “Wechat” or “LINE” connections.
After getting the necessary details from you, we will offer you a quote.
Please book our luggage service by no later than 6pm the day before you require us to pick it up.
Pick up your luggage between 8pm and 11pm at Haneda airport.
If you need to pick it up earlier or later, please discuss the details with us and we will try to accommodate you.


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Enter your name and number of luggage items, please pay by “Paypal” as indicated on our website.
1 item of luggage 2,000yen All others 1,500yen


Consent and indemnity matters

1. For your security and peace of mind we do not manage or carry some types of luggage or contents. Please note that we can not carry:

* Luggage items larger than 3 side 200cm. (H+W+D total should be no more than 200cm) Luggage over 30kg.
* Precious metals, precious stones, jewelry, currency of any country and other precious items, financial securities such as cash, checks, stocks, and bond documents, prepaid cards and credit cards.
* Items that cannot be reissued such as passports and driver's licenses.
* firearms, swords, or weapons.
* art, antiques.
* animals.
* foods and plants, any items that need refrigeration or freezing.
* corpses, human remains(including ashes).
* hazardous material.
* illegal drugs.
* any items prohibited by public office, aeronautical regulations,or other transportation limitations.

2. No fee will be charged for any loss, significant damage or delay due to natural disasters or other unavoidable reasons or reasons attributable to our company.

3. In case of delay caused by us, we will deliver to the address indicated by your air courier service.

4. In the case of a loss or significant damage caused by us or by traffic accident, we may compensate up to the limit 100,000yen.

5. If the consignee does not receive the luggage at the appointed date and time, we will keep it for 5 days. However, a custody fee of 700yen per luggage item per day will apply. (On occasions it may be necessary for us to consign your luggage to the airport luggage office.)

6. If the luggage is not claimed after 5 days, it will be disposed of.


Operating company

Company name
Tanabe Transport co ltd
10milion yen
September 1983
4-24-12 Okudo,
Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Koji Tanabe
Business Activities
Transportation business

Privacy policy

In operating our website we respect your privacy and take great care to protect your personal information.

The use personal information
In principle, we only use your personal information to provide you with information on our service, to fulfil your requests, and to ensure the security of your luggage.
Provision of information to a third party
We will not provide or assign your personal information to a third party except under the following circumstances.
* in order to execute your requirements with our subcontractors.
* when we are required by law to do so.
* when we have obtained your consent to do so.